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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 88
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“You think I’m trying to protect you? You think I would be happy with Heidi? Anna you have everything wrong. I don’t love Heidi, I never did and never will. Everything she said was a lie, a manipulation to get you away from me, she knew you were there and counted on you hearing.” He said loudly.
My eyes narrowed and I felt a bit angry, “Felix, you kissed her back I’m not blind but once again it’s none of my business.” I said simply. Maybe I should have just run when I had the chance, it would be less painful than reliving that day. No, I couldn’t be a coward. I would see this through.

His hands went out and came back down, hitting his side, as he let out a deep sigh. “I only kissed her back because I thought she was someone else.” He said quickly. I could help but let out a little sharp laugh.
“Felix you can’t expect me to believe that. You may have over four hundred years on me but I wasn’t born yesterday.” When I said this he looked at me sadly and I immediately regretted my words because I could tell they hurt him.

“Anna, don’t you know what Heidi can do?” He asked seriously. What she can do, you mean besides throw herself at men and crush my heart into a million pieces?
“No, I wasn’t aware she could do anything.” I said confused.
“Heidi isn’t just with the guard because she’s beautiful, she has a gift of her own. She can create illusions of someone’s desires. Why do you think she is always able to get so many humans to come to Voltera willingly? She isn’t that pretty.” He rolled his eyes before staring back at me. I stood there in shock. I could see in his eyes he was telling the truth and a dangerous hope swelled up in me. He didn’t love Heidi, she used him. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. That would have to wait however, right now I needed a questioned answered, though depending how he did would either make me or crush me again.

I crossed my arms, a mixture of defiance and defense, “Well if she was showing you what you desire, then who were you kissing then?” I asked quickly.
“You really don’t know?” he asked perplexed but also…amused? I shook my head and he smiled. “Well I guess I can give you a few clues. For one thing she is absolutely amazing, no one out there like her. She is stunning, strong, funny, intelligent and kind. She’s also incredibly sexy, especially when she’s angry.” He laughed lightly as I rolled my eyes.

“That could be half of the women on the planet. Do I know her?”
“You do but,” he paused. “she does have this one little problem.”
“Oh really, and what would that be.” I said as lightly as possible, the hope was building.
He smiled, “She has these moments of blindness where not only does she not see herself properly but she can be quite unobservant even to the obvious.” He shook his head in mock dissapointment. He had slowly been making his way towards me and was only a couple of meters away. “She’s also incredibly stubborn at times.”

“Hmmm, she sounds interesting.” I said simply, I unconsciously moved my arms so they were now at my sides.
“Oh she is.” He said, nodding his head in agreement. He was in front of me now, his eyes burning into mine. I could smell his wonderful scent and I wanted to drown in it.
“So, are you going to tell me who the lucky woman is?” My voice was a bit higher than usual and I was sure if my heart still beat it would sound like a jack hammer right about now.

He slowly took my face between his hands. “I’m looking at her.” He said quietly. I didn’t get a chance to respond for he placed his lips urgently but gently against mine. An electric shock like I had never experienced before shot through my body and I felt nothing but pure joy. My hands moved so that they wound around his neck, pressing myself closer to him. His hands had moved to my waist as he held me tighter, yet it wasn’t tight enough. The tip of his tongue grazed the top of my lip, asking entrance which I willingly provided. His lips were warm and urgent, molding themselves to mine.

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