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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 92
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I stopped in my tracks, wondering why they acted like this when as far as I could tell I had not made an aggressive action towards them. Charles spoke, “Why have you been following us newborn.” His voice was cold and hard. I suddenly understood their reaction and though I had no intention of fighting them my body was still tensed in defense. God I hated when people referred to me as the ‘newborn’ and assumed that I would act viscously. An involuntary hiss escaped my lips in my annoyance and I soon realized that mistake.
“Wait…” I said quickly but they had already launched themselves at me. I froze them mid air and slammed them to the ground. Great, not the best way to start things off but I wasn’t in the mood to fight. They looked at me in surprise and fear. “If you promise not to attack me again I’ll let you up. I mean no harm.” I said quickly. They exchanged a glance for a moment.
“Fine.” They said together. I took a few steps back as I lifted them to their feet and released them. They began brushing themselves off though it wasn’t much. “Who are you?” he asked after a moment, confused.

“My name is Anna and I” I paused hating the words that were about to come out of my mouth, “I come on behalf of Aro of the Volturi. He wishes for your assistance.” Their eyes widened for a moment and then narrowed.

“Are you a member of the guard?” they asked suspiciously, eyeing my clothing. Maybe I should have worn the hideous cloak, to late now.

“I am…unfortunately.” I said the last part very quietly and mostly to myself but I was sure they heard.

Makenna spoke this time, “What do you want?” she asked confused.
“Could we speak of this elsewhere? I have someone waiting for me, it is of the most importance.” Ugh I felt like a smuck.
“Do we have a choice?” he asked, though he seemed defeated.

“Of course you do, I won’t force you to come.” I said seriously and frankly a little appalled. I would never dream of forcing them to do this, it was bad enough that I was. They surveyed me for a moment.

“We wish to discuss this, one minute.” He said politely as he and his mate walked a few hundred meters away to talk. I waited patiently and decided to call Felix while I was waiting. It rang once before I heard his voice, I couldn’t help but smile a little.
“Anna?” he said quickly, he sounded relieved.

“Who else would be calling you Felix? I hope your not disappointed I’m not one of your other girlfriends.” I teased. He laughed.
“Not at all, you’re by far my favorite. You have nothing to worry about.” He teased back. I smiled. “So did you find the two of them?”

“Ya, they’re talking right now about whether or not to come with me to meet you. I felt we should explain the situation together though if they’re still reluctant I may have to on my own. Anyway I think you can head back to the ridge, either way I should be back there soon, few hours.”

“Alright, see you soon. Love you.” He said quietly. I could hear him say those three words over and over and never get tired of it. I loved this side of him, the soft side that he seemed to reserve solely for me.
“Love you to.” I replied before shutting off the phone. As I placed it back in the bag they walked back over to me. “So?” I asked when they were a few feet away.

“We’ll come and hear what you have to say but we make no promises.” Charles said. I nodded.

“That’s fine. If you’ll follow me.” I took off running and felt them following behind me. I barely used my eyes, I mostly just followed the scent of the path that I had made myself. I realized I was going a little to fast and slowed my pace so they could keep up and soon I was running beside them. They kept shooting curious glances at me and after thirty minutes it got really annoying. “Is there something you wish to say?” I asked politely.

“More of an observation actually. You’re not like any newborn we’ve ever seen. You can’t be more than a year yet you’re so in control of yourself.” He said simply. I gave a small laugh.

“I guess I’ll take that as a compliment. Actually I was turned just under four months ago if you must know.” Even as I said this I couldn’t believe it was only four months ago, it already seemed like a lifetime and only recently it has been a positive one. Their eyes widened.

“But your eyes, surely they would not be that colour yet after only four months.” He said suspiciously, they obviously thought I was lying.

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