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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 95
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Yours Forever

The sky was a deep shade of grey and white flakes were slowly making their way to Earth as Felix and I ran to our next destination. It was December 24th and while we had been on the move constantly for weeks now we were able to take a break. It wasn’t because it was the holidays, there was a horrible storm that was to arrive in the next few hours that would make tracking extremely difficult, even for us. Aro had arranged lodging for us nearby, one of their many houses they have placed throughout the world.
We had managed to find both Manual and Grigore the other day and they agreed to witness though I was not surprised. Luck was on our side as we came across two more nomads, Maral and Raymund, on the way. Right now we were in Bulgaria trying to make our way to Turkey to find Aras and Ileana. We would be leaving in a few days for god only knows where but I tried not to dwell on it. I was just happy we could have a break and I could spend time with Felix.

While I was aware it was almost Christmas I couldn’t really find much enthusiasm for it. My thoughts couldn’t help but linger on my mother. I had never had a holiday without her and not being able to see her, knowing how she is, was incredibly painful. While my memories of her continue to be fuzzy I was determined to remember her. When ever I was alone, especially those first few weeks, I spent them digging up my human memories. I wanted to imprint them permanently in my mind, I never wanted to forget all the human parts of my life. I missed her greatly.

I guess I must have looked spaced out because Felix nudged me slightly and I looked over at him to see him staring. “Penny for your thoughts?” he asked. I smiled a little.
“Just thinking about my mom and how this will be the first Christmas that I’m away from her.” I said simply, hoping that he didn’t notice the pain in my voice. He looked at me intently before nodding though I was sure he knew something was up but wished to give me some space. I would be forever grateful for him just knowing these things, knowing when to push me and when to stop. I gripped his hand tighter, hoping he understood and I soon received a sq££ze back.

“We’re coming up to the place now.” He said after a few more minutes and I saw a nice farm house in the distance. I few miles beyond it I could see a small town. We began to slow our pace and soon we were walking up the front porch. I was about to ask how we were to get inside, without breaking something, when he opened the door. I looked at him questioningly. “Aro sent someone in advance to open it for us. All of the properties are maintained throughout the year by human employees.” He said as he walked through the threshold, me a step behind him.

The place was much simpler and smaller than the placed we stayed at in Siberia but personally I preferred it. The walls were light colours but the crown molding, as well as several ceiling beams, were made of dark and natural wood. In the living room there was a large granite fireplace and some leather couches. I had decided that once we were here I would clean up and that included our clothes. While we may not perspire our clothes were still getting filthy and I had been dying to properly wash them. While Felix dialed Aro’s number to give him an update I grabbed both our bags and began my search for a laundry room.

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