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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 16
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I had heard that nursing a broken heart was tedious but I never thought I would be in this position so soon.

People presumed that it hurt even more after becoming intimate yet it hurt just as much
without intimacy. Yes I believed in the sanctity of innocence till marriage and I seemed to believe Harry did too.

It hurt so much to think that the person I ever gave my heart to could smash it to tiny
fragments. The soul wrenching, stomach twisting, mind flooding of what ifs and never ending flow of tears was a little bit too much. I felt like everyone could see through me, that there was something wrong with me and that perhaps I wasn’t good enough for him or for anybody for that

My family was my only comfort. Somehow they seemed to understand my pain and they
allowed me to cry over him till I was strong enough to do anything. I had been through ugly issues yet I always found a way this was different.

There was always something that kept creeping into my head that reminded me of Harry , his laughter, his playful nature, his eyes my goodness it was

Harry had come looking for me a countless number of times over a week and I turned him away each time.

I learnt to drown my sorrows in books and there was no way I was gonna let him play
me all over again. I lay on my bed reading a novel when Mweshi walked in her arms folded. ” He is back!” She informed me dryly
” Well send him away.” I answered getting back to my book
” I already did he won’t budge.”

” Let him stay there for all I care.”

” Oh c’mon Kasuba.” She said walking to my bed and closing my book
” Oh look what you just did now. I didn’t mark the last page.” I complained
” That doesn’t matter go hear him out you haven’t given him a chance to explain himself. I think he
atleast deserves that.”

” There is nothing for him to explain . I already know what I needed to know.”
” From a girl who seemed quite nuts if I may say but what about his side of the story.”

” Mweshi I can’t believe you are siding with him after all the expletives his girlfriend showered us.

Anyway just so you don’t bother me anymore I will see him . But should I do some crazy it’s on
you” I slowly got up and cleaned up. I wasn’t going to give him the benefit of seeing my tears

He walked up to me as soon as he saw me . He looked devastated but I couldn’t care less.

” Please make it snappy .” I said sharply arms folded and repeatedly tapped my foot against the ground.

” Why are you avoiding me?” He asked
” I’m surprised you asked.” I answered dryly
” If this is about the last day we were supposed to meet I can explain.”

” I bet you can.. only I’m not interested.”
” What happened to you? This isn’t like you.”

” Please Harry leave me the hell alone.” I said a little louder than intended
” Oh so this is it. I should have known. Some people warned me about you. I guess you’ve foundsomebody bet…”

He didn’t even finish his sentence when I slapped him so hard on his face. I couldn’t believe he just questioned my character like that.

” I don’t know what type of girls you are used to Harry.

But I’m not them. Now it would be better if you just left. It’s over.” I scolded him as he held onto his cheek no doubt he didn’t expect me to slap him. ” It’s over before it even began.” I muttered silently and left him on the spot.


After my mother’s death I had struggled a lot.

My mother was my sanity, the only person that drew me back to the ground. She taught me how to be humble and to embrace everyone regardless of
their status in society. But I wasn’t the only one that was shattered by her death, my father too was
just as broken. For a few years I took to the bottle drinking Nikolai, chateau and all the spirits.

The thing is I wanted some sanity in my life but I went about getting it the wrong way.

When Kasuba pushed me away not to mention slapped me, I fell back into my old habits. She had been the best thing that happened to me following my mother’s death. With her I was calm, sober,
I laughed a lot and I wasn’t afraid to be myself. She never at any point struck me as a girl who was after material things. Her story about her family made me respect her even more. I just couldn’t
understand what happened between us.

A week after I was slapped by my girl, I went to the bar as was my daily routine.

I was losing it with each passing day. I had closed myself out from the world and cared less about my appearance.

I pulled a chair in the corner and gestured for the barman to serve me. I had become a regular and so there was no need for me to make an order they already knew my drink.

I had just downed one bottle of Nikolai when someone joined me. I looked up and recognised him as my close friend Evans.

” A little birdie told me I could find you here.” He said critically looking at me
” Oh yes my man it’s good to see you. How have you been?” I asked in my drunken stupor

” I’ve been fine just can’t say the same for you. Have you checked yourself in the mirror lately?

You are a mess man and d--n you stink.” He said curtly and figuratively blocked his nose with his fingers

” Oh get out man if you are here to drink just drink I’ll pay but if you are to pick a fight with me you will be sorry man.” I chided
” You need to hear the truth man what made you slip back into the zone? You haven’t touched a
bottle in months man.”

I stared blankly at him and the heart wrenching pain hit again. They say you are better off not loving so hard but I did it and got burnt. ” What wrong did I do? Is it wrong to love someone uh is it
Evans my man tell me.” I found myself asking him

” No it’s not. Wait a minute is this about your new girl? You guys looked great together I wanted something just as great.”

” You know what you guys were right. When you said she was probably just like any girl.

I’m sure
she found someone who is giving her more than I could.”

” I would vouch for her on that one. We were wrong she is different. You’ve taken her to the simplest places and she still stuck with you unlike the girls you dated before her not to mention
that witch Jessy.”

” Anyway it’s over man. I told her I should have heeded to your warnings. And can you imagine she slapped me and I couldn’t do anything about it?”

” What ?no you didn’t ! in fact I would do the same if I were in her shoes.”

” I did I was mad at her man.”

” You know what I think? You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. There is likely more to this than meets the eye.” He said and stood up to leave
” Whatever man!” I said and took a gulp from my drink. It burnt my throat and my lips weren’t spared either. I stood up and staggered off to the gents. I eased myself and after I was done I
found myself staring at my reflection in the mirror.

I looked horrible Evans was right no wonder he didn’t wanna hung around so long. I walked back
into the bar and took out a hundred thousand kwacha note and paid for the drinks.
” Keep the change.” I said and floundered away into the night…..

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