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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 17
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“What are you doing here?” I angrily asked Jessy. I didn’t understand what she was doing so early at my house. The girl clearly had no shame. I had ended our relationship quietly after learning how she was playing me like isolo.

” Good to see you too and I’m fine thanks.” She responded with a stupid grin on her face that I wished I could just wipe away with a slap but I couldn’t hit a woman or in this case a girl.

” As anybody told you that you look awful?

Gosh no wonder uncle was quick to point out that I should accompany you to the barbershop.” She added.

At that moment I felt a twinge of pain in my
head. I was hangover and I needed a remedy. But I sank into the chair and held my head it’s like she noticed and remembered the hangover portion she used to whip up to cure both our
hangovers. Jessy could drink like a duck and even though she said it was typical of coloureds I couldn’t agree with her being a coloured myself. I know you only know me by my first name my full names are Harry N’gandwe Dawson.

My father is a third generation coloured while I’m the fourth.

Apart from my name you wouldn’t know I was coloured and that’s why I prefer using N’gandwe as my sir name.

It saves me the trouble of always explaining myself. I hail from a rich background.

My father is a doctor and businessman. We own a number of lodges across Zambia as well as residential properties.

Somehow dropping the Dawson name was the best that I ever did.

There were a lot of people that got close to me just because of the name and so to have a little bit of normalcy, I made that decision.

Jessy came back to the living room with a cup in hand.

” Here drink this it will make you feel better.” She said handing me the cup
” Eww .” I gasped. The stench was horrible you could puke
” Pinch your nose and drink it in one gulp.” She advised and i reluctantly did.

” Urgggh .” I said disgustingly after drinking it. It was a horrible drink but always worked wonders. I
never got to know what she added to make it so disgusting yet so powerful.

” You are welcome.” She responded taking the cup back to the kitchen. Dad walked in as soon as
she got back.

” Do you see what I was talking about Jessy?” He asked her. Him and Jessy’s dad were good
friends and business associates. So Jessy and I basically grew up together and I loved her once before such that I thought she was my future wife. But now I would feel sorry for that man who would fall into her snares. I was just glad that after we broke up she had kept her distance which
was so unexpected if I must say. If at all anyone needed to know the definition of gaga Jessy was
the perfect epitome.

” Yes uncle don’t you worry leave him to me.” She responded cheerfully
” Okay I will leave you two to your rendezvous. Harry I have put enough money on your dresser. I
hope I won’t come back to this when I get back. We have some dignified guests at the executive
lodge tonight and they have requested to dine with us.” He said and left.

We went to the barbershop and had my clean haircut and trimmed my beards after which we we went to downtown boutique and picked out a good pair of shoes.

I then went around town in
search of good clothes. We finally found some at the Mansa hotel boutique and we sat in one of the huts for a drink.

For some reason Jessy was quite touchy this particular day. She kept holding
my hand as we moved almost as if marking her territory only I knew there was nothing between us.

After the shopping we went back home. It was near town so there was no need to drive. I enjoyed
my walks as they allowed me to explore different shortcuts back home.

I went to the bedroom and neatly placed my clothes in my closet while I took a shower. I had just
finished scrubbing myself when I felt someone envelope me from the back planting a trail of kisses
down my spine. I was covered in lather so I quickly rinsed off before I scolded her.

” Stop it Jessy.” I angrily rebuked and scowled at her
” Oh c’mon Harry I know you want it. You’ve always wanted to. I’m here offering myself willingly to
you.” She answered so sweetly and got even closer. I couldn’t take the heat and for a moment I allowed her beauty to captivate me.

She kissed me and I found myself responding with urgency .

I felt my man bulge and she dropped her hands to touch me that’s when I snapped back to reality.

The girl was a player and I wouldn’t know what trouble I would land myself in if I allowed this to continue so I withdrew from her kiss and closed the water.

I then grabbed my towel and jumped
out of the shower leaving her there.

” Goodness what did I just do?” I scolded myself as I headed to dad’s in-house bar and poured myself a whiskey neat double.

” Why do you always push me away?” She asked when she walked in to the bar area and for a moment I felt sorry for her. She was all dressed up by then but looked like she had been crying.

All the years we dated I had always ensured we didn’t go overboard. She kept throwing sexual hints towards me all the more reason for me to withhold myself till I was so sure about it.

” Please just leave.” I begged of her my eyes bloodshot with anger. She left without putting up a fight and I locked the door.


We had just reached town to pick up a few stuff for the shop and house when I saw Harry walking
out of the barbershop walking hand in hand with Jessy. I hid without letting my sisters in on what I
had just seen.

” Isn’t that Harry and that girl who came over?” April asked us as she also la!d her eyes on them?

” Oh shush April grow up!” Mweshi scolded her trying to protect me
” It’s alright Mweshi I already saw them.” I said
” Then let’s use another shop so we don’t bump into them.” Suggested Mweshi
” That won’t be necessary. As a matter of fact I would prefer to bump into them.” And we started
walking to fyamu Chalo grocery store but thankfully they headed into a different direction….

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