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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 19
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I know I was wondering if my visit to the hospital would change anything and boy did it change
everything. I felt like I had failed someone who loved me so much. I failed immensely at being a
man. A man is supposed to fight for what is right, for someone who loves him unconditionally and
sometimes must take horrible stuff said in anger. A relationship where both partners are tripping becomes stagnant if one isn’t brave enough to take the blows and kiss away the tears.If only I had
taken my time to find out what transpired before she pushed me away I would probably not have
gone down the same road I had trodden, the same road I took to cover up my pain.

I replayed every single word Jessy said to me lying so lifelessly on her hospital bed.

“You came.” She said as she woke up. I had been sitting by her bedside watching her frail image.

She was a shell of herself. Her colour had faded and her eyes sunken. In that moment I
understood why there is an emphasis against valuing beauty in the physical form. Beauty is
fleeting and fragile, something that disappears with age, sickness or life situations. Looking at her
no one would know the girl had stunning looks.

” Yeah I did.” I finally responded and she smiled
” How are you?” I asked
” As fine as can be.” She joked and lightly chuckled as I caught her wincing in pain. ” I guess I’m
much better.” She resignedly said
” I’m sorry I only got to hear about your illness a few minutes ago.” I apologised genuinely. Even if

someone is your enemy you must never wish ill on him and in this case even though we had some
bad blood between us it wasn’t enough to cause a huge rift and we still saw each other eye to eye

” It’s okay I know I’m no longer your favourite person no two ways about it.” She said accusingly
and I raised my hands in surrender
” Now miss quit talking nonsense. What would you like to have ?” I said showing her a few things
I got for her
” Wow you know me quite well. Raspberry juice would be great.” That was a plus considering how
we had grown apart. A part of me thought that she may have even changed her preferences when
I was putting her gift together. I was glad I could still do something right for her.
After she had drank her juice she asked me to help her sit and I obliged propping up some pillows
for her back in the process
” I have to tell you something.” She said with a tone of seriousness to it.
I pulled a chair and sat down ” I’m all ears!” I announced
I then listened incredulously as she narrated her Neanderthals. She wept as she narrated and I
” How does my father come in all this?” I asked
” Yeah about that, I made him believe you were falling into wrong teams. You know drugs and all.”
She regrettably responded
” Oh okay.” I managed to say. Not sure of what to say and bearing in mind her condition. What she
told me was similar to a person’s dying Confession you know like the last minute amendment only
I knew she was out of danger.

” Is that all you can say?” She shockingly asked
” What else can I say. You know why you did all that you did. And even if I scold you, the damage
is already done.”

” But you still can rectify your love life. That girl did to you what I failed to do. She was your sanity
atleast you can try to make it work.”
” I don’t know !” I said drifting into a reverie…


Had I known that the person who so adamantly wanted to see me was Harry, I wouldn’t have
bothered turning up. I saw him and turned but he begged me to stay.

” Hi .” He said as he got close to me.
” Hi” I responded nonchalantly ” as you can see I have nothing to say to you.”
” But I do.” He answered
” Okay you have five minutes.”

” Please this may take more than five minutes.”

” Four and a half.” I said now folding my arms and continuously tapping my foot against the
ground. Somehow i always did that when nervous or try to act serious
” Well alright but atleast stop it with your foot.”

He said forcing me to stop with the tapping
He then narrated how Jessy had confessed to being the mastermind behind the confusion in our relationship and how he had been played like a pony in the game of chess the tragic day.
” And the child is it yours?” I asked him after I realised he had left that part of the story
” Apparently she planned on trapping me with it. We never went beyond the little gestures i guess
that’s why she sought it elsewhere.”
” But do you realise it’s your word against hers. How do I even know you ain’t making this up?”

” As we speak Jessy is in hospital. She just survived a near fatal abortion and that’s how I came to
learn of everything. She confessed it herself.” He answered but at that point Mweshi came to us
with a huge glow plastered across her face
” Hi Harry .” She greeted him and lilted past us without as little as waiting for a response
” What was that?” Harry asked perplexed
” Even I don’t know.” I responded and we both laughed
” I have missed you, your laughter, your smiles, your lively company you know I miss us.” He
confessed and waited pleadingly for my response
” I don’t know Harry. You questioned my character and that’s something I can’t easily forgive. As
my man you were supposed to know the type of girl I really was.” I said with a heavy heart
” I know you are right I shouldn’t have. It was so wrong of me and I’m sorry for it. please forgive
me my sunshine. There is no sun in my life anymore. Everyday is cloudy my Baby I need you in
my life…I… I love you more than you could ever know.” He begged poetically quite typical of him.

I’m sure you were expecting him to say the ‘ I love you like a cup of tea.’ nonsense that characterised most poetic speeches then but Harry was eccentric. He always calculated his words nicely and anyway that was what you would tell someone illiterate. I wouldn’t have thought twice
about slapping him had he uttered that because that was an insult to my intelligence.
” I’m not sure But I will think about it.” I said. Me and this statement though. Quite whimsical if I
must say. Anyway I saw him off and just then I realised he had gone a lot over the time I allocated
to him.

In my heart, I wanted him just as much, I needed him but I also needed to guard my heart. You
know once beaten………

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