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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 21
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I watched my sister as she lay lifelessly in her hospital bed. All the machines connected to her didn’t even make it easier. It was the third day since she slid in a coma. And now she relied on the
respirator to breathe. Some more tubes were connected to her as she was being replenished with
water and blood through them. Some Other tubes were for detoxification purposes. I still could not believe that darkness could creep in so fast. One moment she is ecstatic the next she is fighting for her life. How could life be such a hard nut to crack.

Soon after we had our supper the day she confessed to being in love, we retired to bed and she became quite all of a sudden. We thought she was just dozing so we continued chatting with April.

We all slept eventually but I woke up in the middle of the night to her constant turning and tossing.

I lit up the lamp and noticed that she was sweating profusely and her lips had become dry.

I quickly left the room to fetch her some water to drink but when I returned I found her gasping for air and holding her stomach so tight. I immediately called for help and soon all the members of the
family were in our bedroom. Marvin quickly ran out to get some help and soon we were putting her
in a van and rushing to the hospital. Upon seeing her condition, the nurses quickly placed her on a
stretcher and took her to the emergency room. We kept bustling about in panic as they tried to
stabilise her. A few moments later the doctor rushed in and joined the nurses. They worked

tirelessly while we waited outside the room. Finally just a little before dawn, the doctor came out
and asked to speak to my parents.

” We have done everything we could to save her but for now we can only hope and pray she can
fight this” I heard him tell mum and dad
” Will she be alright?” Father asked his voice breaking
” Just like I said we don’t know for sure. For now her condition is stable but she has slid into a
coma.” he informed us in a professional manner though.
” But what happened to her?” Mother found her voice
” Please let’s discuss that in my office.” and he led us to his office normally I would have been left
behind but the doctor noticed my parents’ need for a guide as Marvin remained behind and did the
formalities for Mweshi’s hospitalisation.
” We don’t know exactly what happened but it’s like her liver failed abruptly. It’s something that can
happen to people in her condition when their bodies fail to detoxify.” He later told us after we had
sat down in his office
” Do you believe in miracles?” The doctor asked us after we all seemingly lost hope and we
nodded in affirmation. We had experienced so much good in our lives that the only explanation fit
was miraculous and so we needed to believe once more in that trying time for a miracle. Even if it
was to be the last one we ever experience.
We all nodded
” Good.” He responded ” because right now her recuperation depends on some supernatural
intervention and her spiritual strength. She must be willing to pull out of this.” He added
We thanked the doctor and the nurse led us to the ward were she had been admitted. It was then
that I noticed the many tubes that she was connected to. I wonder how my parents would have
reacted had they seen them.

Shortly the nurse informed us that they needed some blood for her and I immediately volunteered to donate. Thankfully my blood was a match and they performed a blood transfusion.

Three days on and she was still lying in a coma with no sign of improvement. The side ward was
awfully quiet if not for the beeping sound from the respirator. Marvin, April and I, took turns
watching her but I preferred staying close by so I only went home to freshen up and I would return
On this particular day, I was taking over from April who had been in the company of both mother
and father. Somehow, it was hard convincing my folks to go home and rest a little as they just
couldn’t accept to go home without knowing how their daughter was doing. Who would blame the
fact that Mweshi was lying unconscious without being able to see her nor get any assurance from
her by means of speech. I recall how they constantly called out to her in the hopes that she will
atleast say something with their efforts yielding no response at all. It was even melodramatic as
fear crept into mum who started weeping thinking that maybe Mweshi had passed on and we were
only hiding it from them. It had to take an outsider to convince them. This outsider happened to be
a pastor for victory Ministries so he prayed for our situation and for the patient. He later
encouraged us to have faith in the Omnipotent one and that was when they calmed down and left
with renewed belief in the Lord.

After they left I sat by her bedside silently reciting the rosary when someone walked in . I paid no
particular attention as I was sure it was one of the medical personnel till he spoke to me.
” Hi.” He said
” Hello.” I responded after a short examination of him
” I’m sorry but I came as soon as I heard.” He said
” And who are…?”
” Please pardon my manners! ” He apologised ” my name is Biemba and you must be….”

” Kasuba.” I interposed at the realisation “I’m sorry we had to meet in such circumstances.” I
added and shook his hand.

” I’m sorry too.” He answered ” so how is she doing?” He asked
” I think she is hanging there.”
” Do you mind me spending some alone time with her?
” No I don’t. Please excuse me.” I said and stepped out of the room..


I touched her hand hoping for some response but nothing came so I kissed her lightly on lips.
They say men don’t cry but in that moment all I wanted was to cry. To cry for all the pain she was
going through, cry to God to give her another chance, to cry simply because my heart was
shattered into a million pieces. How could this be happening soon after I decided to confront my feelings and pour my heart out to her. It was good knowing that she loved me with similar intensity.

And now it felt like I procrastinated a little bit too much. If I hadn’t taken so much time to come clean about my feelings maybe I could have had a little more time with her. ” What am I even
thinking.” I silently scolded myself. This was not the time for regrets it was time to be hopeful
So I pulled my chair even closer to her and spoke to her. From my understanding a person in a
coma can hear someone speaking to them and can feel the aura surrounding the room.
” My darling I know you can hear me.” I began and paused as I realised I didn’t even plan my
speech but what the heck I decided to speak from my heart.

” I love you and still need you in my life. There are so many things I have planned for the both of
us. I know you are a fighter and will fight this with all the strength you got because I have never
come across a strong young woman like you. Please fight for us, for your family above all fight for
our love my sweetness. This fool must have told you how he feels much earlier but please don’t
deny him a chance to adore you, to make you smile and laugh. Because when you laugh I feel
like you are an angel and your smile is brighter than the stars. Please baby please I’m on my
knees I want you here with me.” I kept on saying whatever came to my head and showered her
with little kisses just then I heard something and stood up. ” Oh God.” I muttered
” Help ! Someone please help!” I screamed frantically…..

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