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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 22
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My heart beat so fast when I heard Biemba’s cry for help. In that moment I was sure the worst had

” Oh no!” I muttered as I ran back into the ward
” What just happened!” I frantically asked him
” I think I heard her heart stop. Tell me it’s not true please she can’t leave me now. She just can’t.
He panicked
” I..I …I don’t…..” I said with teary eyes but was cut short by the nurses who came rushing in and
immediately ordered us out.

I went to the nearest corner and slumped down leaning against the wall. All the time my ears were
in that room that was full of nurses.

I heard one nurse say ” this is it I guess she has given up. Poor girl.”

” Please get the doctor!” Another one said and one nurse stormed out of the ward to look for the

I immediately saw Biemba sink to the floor and weep. He wept so much you would swear he wasn’t a man but I didn’t even have the strength to comfort him. I started seeing the wall close
down on me and my vision blurred just before I felt myself crushing to the ground. I suddenly felt
strong hands catch me. There was something familiar about those hands but I blacked out.
I could still hear a masculine voice begging me to get myself together then I felt a splash of cold
water across my face. I was trying to wake up but I couldn’t. All I could do was continuously hear
the nurse’s words ring through my head ” …this is it …she has given up…she has given up…she

has given up..”

” Oh no Mweshi it can’t be true please someone tell me it’s not true.” I apparently cried out loud
” It’s not true please be strong for her.” I heard someone say to me but it all seemed like a dream
so I slowly opened my eyes to see if it was all just a dream… A bad dream
” Harry?” I shockingly asked
” Yes my love.” He answered
Wait a minute did he just call me that? And what was he doing here? How did he even find out because we hadn’t spoken since the day he came to ask for another chance. I was still lying in his
arms so I quickly got back on my feet
” How did you get here? How did you know?” I asked him
” I went to your house to look for you. I was going crazy waiting for your response so I made my way to your place. And that’s how I found out about your sister.”

” Oh no Mweshi .” I wailed after I remembered where I was and why I was there in the first place.

Just then the doctor came out of Mweshi’s ward with an expression-less face. He looked like he had a thousand questions on his mind.

” Dad?” Harry called out to him
” Harry?” He responded and the two walked towards each other and embraced. ” What are you
doing here?” He asked him
” Sorry dad please meet Kasuba. The lady I was telling you about.” Harry said enthusiastically
” We have already met. I guess we will get better acquainted in a better place.”

I was dazed I couldn’t understand what was going on. Dr Eric Dawson was Harry’s father?
” Is she…?” I began asking him ready for the worst
” Yes she is.” He answered without giving away any emotions
” Oh no!” I said said sadly
” Young lady it’s not what you think please get a grip on yourself.”

” You mean she is still alive?” I asked excitedly and he nodded.

” I have never seen such drastic improvement. One moment her heart stopped and then restarted
all on its own just when I was about to certify her dead. Your faith is remarkable you must be good people for this type of miracle.” He announced this time revealing his emotions
” Thank you doctor. Thank you so much. Can I see her?”

” Not yet she keeps calling a name I can’t just recall at the moment. Bemba or something..”
” Biemba?”
” Yes that’s it.”

” Did anyone call me?” Biemba asked after he appeared from nowhere
” Are you Biemba?” The doctor asked him and he nodded ” please follow me.” He told him and
they both went back into the ward.


“Yes my love.” I said grabbing her little hand
” Biemba.” She kept calling. She was still connected to some drips but this time the respirator and
detoxifier were disconnected. She could now breathe on her own
” I’m here darling now please rest.” I told her
” I love you so much.” She said
” I love you more.” I said. It was all so overpowering as she spoke with her eyes still shut almost
like she was talking in her sleep
The doctor stood aloof intrigued by what was going on. He then encouraged me to ask her to do
little things.

” She is now in a minimally conscious state but it’s crucial that you talk to her and ask her to try
and do things like squeezing your hand, blinking or smiling. She is likely to wake up soon because
the worst is clearly over.”
” Thank you doctor.”

” No don’t thank me try thanking God and the love you two share.”
” But what happened earlier?”
” I think her brain was trying to process so much that it caused the heart to shut down and when it
picked something to fight for, it rebooted. I know it probably sounds too technical but that’s the
only explanation I can give to it even though it makes no sense in medical terms.”
With that said he left and I heard him tell her sister not to worry and wait her turn to see her.

” Oh you gave me such a scare. Do you know I wept like a woman .” I said while still gently
holding her hand and laughed at myself. I noticed a smile form on her lips as I laughed softly and
so I laughed some more
” Thank you Lord!” I whispered staring up the roof…….

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