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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 6
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The world needs more empathy than sympathy. If you wallow in self pity there is a high probability
that sympathy is all you are gonna get. Pity attracts pity but only for so long. A person able to
empathise will walk an extra mile in your shoes and he will show you that perhaps there is more
than one solution to your problems. Sometimes the negative criticism given out considerately
spurs you to act positively. You need people who will annoy you, who will bring you down and
eventually push you out of the comfort zone.

Very few friends will tell you what you don’t want to
hear I guess that’s why God allows enemies and implores us to love them nonetheless.


When father announced the surprise, I wasn’t quite sure I heard him right or it could have been
just another of those dreams I had more often than not. Father had just enrolled me into school
and that was the much awaited surprise.

“Father are you sure?”
“Yes my child it is time we nurture your dreams now that we can”
“Oh father you are the best!” I said hugging him.

My father was tall, dark and very handsome. I bet before he became blind he was such a looker who turned heads everywhere he went. He had
perfect chiseled teeth and very strong arms. ” You made us do it and now you deserve it all. I believe in your potential my child.” He announced
beaming with pride

I pinched myself several times just so I could dispel the possibility of what was happening being a mere dream. The news was just too good to be true for me.

” Now let’s go get the necessary stuff for you.” He said gesturing I take his arm to lead him and off
we went to Chilyapa market.

Monday morning found me at Kombaniya primary school in the head teacher’s office.

I wore the uniform I had always been dreaming about. On my feet I had the black plastic shoes.

My short natural hair was neatly kempt and overall I wore an out of this world smile. I was shaking with
ecstasy as my name was written down in the register.

” Come let’s go show you your class.” The head teacher said leading me to the classroom. Even
though I was just nine years old I reported on my own to avoid a breakdown in our business back
home by carrying an extra person to guide father back home.

I felt awkward at first. I had been placed in second grade thanks to the few things I already knew
but I towered over everyone in class I was nicknamed ‘Tolo Mafupa Yoko Yoko.’ ( tall skinny
bones) because I was tall and quite skinny . I felt bad that they poked fun at me like that but I was
determined to get over any obstacles. ‘ my parents believe in me.’ I mused and went about the rest
of the class with more vigour.

The teacher couldn’t believe it was my first time in class even after I explained my escapades to
him. I was by far the brightest pupil in his class.
” Sir this girl is very sharp I suggest you put her in third grade with her age group and see how she
performs.” My teacher told the head teacher later that week
” Are you sure Mr Chipanta ?”
” Yes sir.”

” Ok call Miss Likezo to come here meanwhile the girl can go back to class as we discuss.”
After knocking off I hurried back home to do my bit of the business.

” Sally!” I happily screamed
” Kasuba is that you?” She responded somewhat in disbelief. “Yes my friend. How are you ? It’s been long.” I said as we greeted each other
” I have missed you my friend. I see you started school. But why didn’t you join our school?”
” We couldn’t afford it at your school.” Not that I lied but I figured it was wrong announcing our
family troubles to the world
” Anyway I’m happy for you and now I have a friend to walk with to school once again.” She said
placing her hand in mine and trotting off towards home.

We chatted as we walked back home till we reached a place where we had to go our separate
ways and said our goodbyes.

” Wait up.” Somebody called from behind me. I looked behind and there she was. She somehow
just couldn’t leave us alone. Anyway I stood in my tracks seeing as she was an elder and
deserved some respect.

” Well well what do we have here.” She applauded

” Welcome aunt let’s go inside I’m sure my parents are inside.” I responded avoiding her taunts

” Wonders shall never end.” She said a little louder than she expected because father came
rushing out.

“So you people thought you were very clever. I heard that you are trying to live like human beings for a change so I just had to confirm for myself.” She said sarcastically

” Bana Junior please come inside if you have anything to say.”

” Why would I even step into that ramshackle again. The last time I was here I caught flu from the stench of you people. Anyway I see you heard what I said last time. It’s good you stayed in your
lane by taking your little rascal to that filthy school.” she said and turned to leave before father angrily stopped her.

” The next time you want to come and insult us in our own home think again. I’m warning you to stay away from us just like we have stayed away from you.” Warned father angrily

” Did you just raise your voice at me you pathetic man? Anyway George must hear about this or
my mother is a d*g.” She hysterically screamed I walked to father who was groping the wall to find his way back in and helped him I then offered
him a cup of water to calm him down. Never had I imagined the day when father would put the
evil queen in her place and for that I was proud of him.

When my mother and siblings returned from the market I couldn’t help but narrate how father had
put the evil queen in her place.

” Oh bashi Marvin you did well. The next time she pushes us I swear I will whip her so hard she
won’t recognise herself.” Mother said while demonstrating how she was gonna whip her adversary
and we all laughed…

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