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Which one should i go "The church or the mosque" - Season 1 - Episode 3
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who slapped mhe?question!i was still rubbing my eyes when the sharp slapper shooter shoot my cheek with the most awarded slap of the year.i look up nd i was boiling with anger,i stand up nd behold it was my dad!he rarely beat me.wetin con apen?why did u slapped ur alfa,he asked me.i did not answer him…he sha did all what he want to do and end up beating me.

i did everything i can do to make sure i did not upset my dad for that week.

the week was fast nd it rolled away.nw it was the 1st day of the week which is sunday.i woke up early nd did the norm i use to do lyk havin my bath,brushin my teeth.

i wore the finest cloth i had which was a blue top with a black jean with one ajeku palm.i made my way to the church.

in the church,i was seems everybody like me.i was entertain nd i enjoy myself to the peak.the service ended while everybody made their way out.i was about to leave when a hand hold me.alas!the pastor.

you’ll be givin speech next week.the statement hit me lyk bombshell.


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