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With The Devil  - Season 1 - Episode 22
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If I didn’t know any better,I would say that I literally went dumb for like thirty seconds or thereabout.

“I just don’t understand” I said for the umpteenth time;

“What really is it that you are doing?” I asked.

“Trying to help you” she said.
“By wanting to disorganise her marriage or what?” I asked.
“That’s the way you understand it.But, since you don’t want me to proceed as I earlier conceived,I won’t.But,you have to do something for me” she finally ended.
I got up from the bed and said to her:
“Do as you wish.Am going!”
I headed straight to the door and tried opening it,but it wouldn’t open.I looked back at where she sat and saw her staring at me with a “go ahead” look written boldly on her face.
I tried again to forcefully open the door,but I just couldn’t open it.

“I thought you didnt want to stop me? Why are you then blocking or rather,holding the door?” I asked her.

“Am not holding it or doing anything to it,that,I promise you!” She said.
“So,why is it yet to open ?” I asked.
“I really don’t know!” She told me.
Even though I wanted to doubt her,the look on her face was totally sincere, but then the simple common logic here is that she is the one causing the jammed hard-to-open door.
“Okay,why not come and try opening it?” I asked her.

She stood up from where she sat and came to the door where I stood.
I adjusted myself to allow her try opening the door,even though deep down in my mind,I believed she was just putting on a show.I mean,what else could be blocking a supposed door we came in through with,except her with her supposed whatever power she got;its the simple explanation, and that’s the only logical thing to believe at that moment: she just didn’t want me to go,or so I thought!

She tried opening the door herself, but it couldn’t open.She looked at me and tried it again, yet nothing.

“Seriously, what are you doing?” I said,not knowing whether or not to laugh.
“Trying to open the door!” She said.
I came closer to her,grabbed her hands from the the door knob and held it firmly and said to her:
“Please, just stop this your trick.Am just going home,we have like from tomorrow till God knows when to continue on this our rendezvous-you-controlled frivolities and jamboree of a relation okay.I need to go home for now. You are even welcome to my dream this night if you want,but first,I need to go home for now!”

Overwhelmed by my pleading and the emotion with which I infused into it,she told me that:
“To be honest and sincere with you,am not the one holding the door Mike,am not. Something is seriously wrong” she ended.
I freed my hand from hers,and with such tenacity I could gather at that moment in time,I used all my strength to pull the door.
With that force,the door jacked open and a heavy swooshing of something that felt like dark wind blew the both of us backwards with such hurling that we were thrown back off our feet,back straight to the bed wall around her bedside with a scream.

At that moment,my eyes opened immediately to my immediate surrounding which was covered by blue see-through pool water.
It was then I realised that I have never,that I didn’t actually leave the water; that Pretty and I were still inside the pool and that all that has just happened, happened inside my mind.
I felt fear creep into my being as I gently swam up with Pretty,out of the pool…
After quietly dressing up after getting off from the pool,I told Pretty that I will be going from there. She didnt try stopping me by sweet talking me into changing my mind as usual;I guess she perfectly understood that I have been through enough already that day,and she is the chief architect of it all.But,she told me to wait so that we both can leave the place together and then I can be on my way.
As I finally parted from her company,the last facial expressions exhibited by her were one of a mixture of regret and “I’m sorry”;or at least,that’s what I believed it to be.
As soon as I entered a keke,I switched on my phone and my phone beeped,signifying that I got a message.I opened it immediately, and it read thus:
“How many days will you stay if you come?”
That was Amara.
I didn’t really know what to think that moment as my attention shifted from the events with Pretty and focused on how to make up with Amara,even though I knew that I did nothing wrong.

It was then it dawned on me that even if I took an excuse that I was going to visit grandma and then veer off,I was still going to answer to my aunty that grandma is staying with where I went to.
I figured I had to come up with an answer, and real quick one at that.
As if everything was fast forwarded the minute I entered that keke,it wasn’t long before I found myself in my room,lying on the bed and with my friend(phone) in hand.As I told them to put food for me,I figured that the last thing I needed was Amara calling me first before I called her..Amara loved me to the extent that she behaves like a kid as long as is my matter that is concerned.When it comes to me,she just doesn’t behave normal,and she doesn’t care about the fact that she is supposed to be the mature one amongst us.But,its all great if you understand the fact that it is just her character for me, and me alone.I remember a day like that that I jokingly told her that I didn’t like the color of an expensive hairstyle she fixed,and the next day she removed it and demanded that I must give her the money to fix another one;the one I will love.By the time I told her it was a joke,I would have spent more than I bargained for..But,as always,the joke will be when she is nagging about the money,not that she will take it if I bring it!But,exhibiting those acts,it makes me love her the more.

So,as I wanted to call her,I got a call:
“Hello!” I said,it was Pretty calling.
“Hope you reached safely?” She asked.
“Yep” I replied.

“I guess you are angry with me and I fully deserve it” she mused.
“If I was angry with you,I won’t pick your call.” I told her as a matter of fact.
“If you say so!” She said.
“Okay” I replied
” When will you come again?” She asked me.

“I will tell you.I have not ckecked myself” I told her.
“Alright,I will be waiting for your call” she mused.
“You are welcome.Take care” I replied her and the call ended.
I called Amara immediately:
” Odii?” She called as she picked the call.
“Mmmmm” I answered.
“I zaga m Mmmmm?”(you are replying Mnmnmn to me?) She asked me.
I started laughing and she assumed seriousness and asked me whether I was serious about what I told her tru my text,to which I affirmed.She bid me come visit her then,and I told her it will be the coming week.We ended up agreeing on which day she preferred best and that was it.The bulk of the task was now left to me to do: getting the needed permission. Situations like this was exactly what I miss most about village.
Not more than thirty seconds after I left the call did I receive a call from Jane.Jane asked me thus:
“What is it you were telling me that time about my current marriage plans?cuz I can’t seem to get that talk out of my head” she said.

” What?” I asked her.
“Were not telling me something about marriage earlier when you called me today?” She asked.
” No o.I didn’t call you today o,and I have not even switched on my phone till now!” I said in my defence.
“You are really very nuts,Odii” ( isi adi gi mma Odii.)..

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