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Zee World Movie: Saloni Season 2, Episode 122 Recap.
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Zee World Movie: Saloni Season 2, Episode 122 Recap.

Saloni goes to the temple to pray. She vows to look for Uvarshi and get back the heir to the Singh family.

Uvarshi is in her house gloating about what she did to Saloni. Shibu is listening to her. She says now that Saloni is out of the picture she can get her job done. She says Saloni should just sit and watch how she destroys each member of the family. Uvarshi, you’re not satisfied with destroying just Saloni?

Saloni goes to a phone company to ask for the address the line Uvarshi calls her with, is registered to. She lies that the number belongs to her missing sister and they need to find her. The phone Company worker refuses at first but she was able to convince him.
The guy collects the number and the details show up on his computer. She looks at the address and commits it to memory.

She goes to see the man whose name and address popped up on the computer. She tells him the same lie about her sister who is missing. The man says he allowed a lady use his phone a few days ago and he doesn't know where she is because it seems she has moved out. He says he can ask the landlord to inform him if she comes back.
Saloni goes about the neighborhood asking if anyone had seen a woman with a baby but no one could help.
She gets dizzy and faints.
A crowd gathers around her.

Aditi is driving but comes to a stop because of the crowd blocking the road. She gets down to see what is going on and sees Saloni. The crowd suggests she takes her in her car to the hospital. She refuses but they insist and she eventually agrees. Each time Saloni faints along the road, a member of the family just happens to be travelling that path.

At the hospital, Aditi is waiting at the reception when a doctor approaches her. The doctor tells her to ensure Saloni eats because it is not good for her health or that of the baby. Aditi is shocked? Yay!!!! The baby is still in the oven.

Saloni regains consciousness.. Her phone starts to ring. The caller is the man who she had met earlier. He tells her that her “sister” has come to collect her luggage so she should come right away. She gets up and leaves the hospital .
Tara goes to her room to look for her but she is not there. She rushes outside just as Saloni is getting into a cab. She calls out but Saloni doesn't hear her.

Saloni gets to the flat and sees Uvarshi.
She tells Uvarshi she has come to collect the child. She says she did everything and even killed her unborn child for her. Uvarshi says that's not her problem. She starts to talk about everything she made Saloni do in a bid to pay for what Saloni had done to her. She sees Aditi behind Saloni. She tailed Saloni and has been listening to everything.
Aditi confronts Uvarshi and tries to slap her but she grabs her hand and threatens her. Aditi tells takes Saloni to leave with her.

When they leave, Uvarshi tells Shibu to take care of Aditi because they can't trust her but they know Saloni won’t talk.

Saloni and Aditi are at the Temple. Aditi apologises to her and Saloni explains everything... The day she went to pick up her pregnancy test at the hospital, she ran into Uvarshi who saw the test result. When Uvarshi left, Saloni followed her to the abandoned building and begs her to give the son back to Brajesh and Tara. Uvarshi then proposed the test and Saloni agreed.

After listening, Aditi starts to apologise again but Saloni says she would have done same if the roles were reversed.
Saloni says they need to get the baby because they don't know what Uvarshi would do. Aditi says they should go and tell the family. Saloni tries to protest but Aditi insists.
They get into the car and as they drive off, Shibu is shown under the car. He calls Uvarshi on the phone and says “it's done”
As Aditi is driving, the brake fails and as they try to avoid a truck the car falls off a cliff and explodes.
A trailer is stopped at a road block, by the police. They conduct a search and see an unconscious Saloni at the back. The police ask the driver who she is but no one can give an answer. A woman suggests they take her to the hospital.
Tara answers the house phone and gets a shocker. The family gather and ask what happened. She keeps stuttering Aditi’s nme but later says she has been in an accident.
The men of the house, go to the hospital and they are taken to the morgue and shown Aditi's body. They break down in tears.

The women are home. Tara is worried but Babho is optimistic about Aditi’s safety. Aunt Kaki also tries to sound brave.
The men enter and Babho asks how Aditi is. Some men enter carrying the corpse and the women are shattered.

Aditi’s body is cremated. This is so sad and it all happened so fast!

The family is mourning. Dheer is crying and thinking about his beloved wife. Babho goes to console him. Ishan comes home from school and is asking for his mother. He says he had a bet with her that if he gets a distinction at school she would play video games with him. He made the distinction and now wants her to keep up with her own end of the bargain. No one can say anything. Vrinda rises to the occasion and tells him to go and change his clothes then she would play with him.

The police come in. They tell them a woman was with Saloni at the temple and after Aditi's death, they couldn't find the other woman.
Ishan is refusing to eat until he sees his mother. Vrinda says she has gone to his grandmother's house. She tells him she would play with him and he agrees.

At the hospital, Saloni is being wheeled in a stretcher to the elevator. The stopper is not properly put in place and as they wait for the elevator, the stretcher starts to roll backwards . A man stops it just in time.. He places a rose on Saloni's body.
The doctor thanks him for saving Saloni and he says he just likes so see them get well. Seems he is a regular visitor at the hospital who brings patients roses and goodwill. I know we will see more of him.

As the family is mourning, all in white, Uvarshi covers her head and comes into the house to join the mourners. She goes to Babho to console her but her face is hidden.

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